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AB Mining made easy

Get real Bitcoin every day using the in-app crypto mining software
Create an account and start mining Bitcoin now • Create an account and start mining Bitcoin now • Create an account and start mining Bitcoin now
Mine free Bitcoin daily with one click

Trade mined rewards profit anytime. No hidden fees or charges.

Guaranteed security
Guaranteed security
No initial charges
No initial charges
Mining in your phone
Mining in your phone
Expert support
Expert support

Friendly and intuitive app

AB Mining is FREE

ZERO risk
ZERO risk
Save on power and battery
Save on power and battery
Trade mined coins
Trade mined coins

What is AB Mining?

Bitcoin virtual mining is an algorithm-based process that we have developed. It analyses the performance and output of actual AB Mining Farms and then replicates the hash rate and mining experience. We wanted to offer users the opportunity to experience AB Mining in a way that was straightforward and easy to use, without the need to own and maintain Crypto Mining Equipment and without overloading users' personal devices, such as computers or mobile phones.

We are proud that our Bitcoin Virtual mining product is sustainable and has no environmental impact. In addition, our algorithm also factors each user's status in our customer loyalty programme when calculating the virtual hash rate. Therefore, each user gets to experience Virtual Mining according to their own comfort level while also having the opportunity to increase the speed of their BTC mining.

How to start AB Mining

  • Sign upby creating a AB Mining platform account.
  • Once your account is active, find the virtual miner page.
  • Click the 'Mine' button to start generating your first Bitcoin.

Join the partnership programme

AB Mining has designed this partner programme to enable its clients to earn 15% referral commissions for their participation in the mining process.

Commissions will be credited to your miner's account, which can be used to purchase a mining plan on the platform, or withdraw commissions directly to your wallet address.

To join the partnership programme, the user must:


Do I need to install any software to mine Bitcoin?


The Bitcoin virtual mining runs solely on AB Mining's own equipment and does not use any of the hardware in your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can manage and view your transactions from mining using just the AB Mining mobile app and do not need a third-party crypto mining software to use the Bitcoin miner.

Is AB Mining legal?

AB Mining is an app that provides free in-app BTC mining services, On 26 October 2021, our company joined the IFC. Membership of the IFC is an honourable status that is only granted to reliable companies with a long history of successful work.

What are the benefits of using AB Mining to mine Bitcoins?

1. We have a professional team to manage our cloud platform and mining pool. Our servers are located worldwide and running 24/7.
2. We are using the latest hardware like ASIC Miner & Mining rigs to ensure a high-speed mining experience in a cost-effective manner.
3. We are Simple, Add your bitcoin wallet address, Mining Start immediately. In case you upgrade, mining starts instantly once we confirmed payment.

How long will it take to mine Bitcoin using the virtual miner?

Mining sessions end every 4 hours, after which you will receive the mining reward for that session. Once you've mined the equivalent of 10 USDT in Bitcoin, you may withdraw your reward by hitting the 'Withdraw' button. Your wallet will be credited with your mined rewards as a trading bonus within 72 hours of requesting a withdrawal.

Is AB Mining profitable?

AB Mining offers its users the unique opportunity to start mining Bitcoin at home and earn rewards with zero risk. The AB Mining AB Mining application is free and can run on any internet-enabled device, such as mobile phones, computers or tablets. Users can trade their rewards in the live market and boost their trading volume using their profits from our virtual AB Mining software.

Why chose AB Mining Bitcoin virtual mining?

Mining with AB Mining's virtual miner provides users with a direct and easy AB Mining experience without owning and maintaining any Crypto Mining Equipment or overloading users' personal devices, such as computers or mobile phones.

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